The Studio

Anne Crosby Gaudet's Music Discoveries Studio is located in the Papermill Lake area of Bedford, Nova Scotia. Located in her home, the large, relaxing space is equipped with a beautiful Yamaha baby grand piano, a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano, several harps plus an extensive library of music books and teaching aids.

Music Discoveries Studio is within walking distance of Bedford South, Bedford Academy, Basinview Elementary and CPA High School. Parents enjoy the trails along Papermill Lake and a stop for coffee at Tim Horton's or The Nook while children are having lessons.


Homed-based private studio

Music Discoveries is a homed-based private studio. We have a beautiful, relaxing space for piano and harp lessons.


Yamaha Baby Grand

My students enjoy weekly lessons on a beautiful baby grand piano. Playing on a quality instrument helps develop finger strength, expression and finesse.


Yamaha Clavinova

The digital piano is lots of fun for playing with musical backing tracks and different sounds.


Harps and more...

Music Discoveries offers both piano and harp lessons. Harp students are invited to play on a beautiful Timothy Llyr Celtic harp. There are also student harps available for monthly rental.

You'll notice there are always games and musical activities ready at the theory table.


Meet Mauzy & Mezzo

Mauzy and Mezzo, the piano studio cats may greet you at the door. Mauzy is a bit shy, but if it is your lucky day she might try to lick your hand in exchange for a scratch behind the ears. Mezzo is just a kitten and she loves being close to the piano and the harp.


Online Lessons

My studio is equipped for online piano and harp lessons using Skype, Facetime or Zoom. This is a great solution for local students who may be unable to attend a regular lesson, or for students at a distance who would like to have a 30-minute coaching session "with the composer".

Thank you for being such a positive influence in the life of my girls. Your love of music, that you share each week, is to be commended.
— Piano parent