About Harp Lessons


Private harp lessons at the studio

If you live locally, you are welcome to join me at the studio for private harp lessons. Choose either the Timothy Llyr or the Dusty Strings FH36S to play during your lesson so you don’t need to bring your harp with you. My studio is an inviting, professional space dedicated to teaching and offering quality music lessons.


Online Harp Lessons

Online lessons are a terrific solution for students who can't travel to my studio. I use Zoom, which gives us the best platform for clear audio and video. It's very easy to use, so don't worry if it's new to you. It doesn't take long to be up and running for your first lesson.

Imagine… harp lessons in your own home with own your harp. It’s so convenient and effective!


Would you love to learn how to play the harp? Would it be rewarding to play with more freedom and expression? Would you like to learn how to improvise or learn more about chords and modes? Maybe you would enjoy individualized coaching from the composer?

I would be pleased to help you.

I offer harp lessons to adults from beginner to early intermediate levels. Come to the studio or book online lessons.

I am here to support and guide you on your musical path.

If you would like more details about harp lessons, just sign up below to receive the Information Newsletter delivered to your email. I’ll send you everything you need to know about pricing, scheduling and what you need to get started. From there you will be able to contact me by email if you would like to talk further.

I absolutely love taking harp lessons with Anne. She is so encouraging and kind. I go to her studio and also take some with her online. I am so happy to have found her. She has been helpful in finding me a harp and so flexible in her lesson times. I would encourage anyone who is interested to contact Anne, she is wonderful teacher.
— Ellen (Nova Scotia)
Anne is a wonderful harp teacher - she is gentle and kind, and also very knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She has a gift for communicating musical concepts in a way that helps one learn quickly and enjoyably. I have really enjoyed learning her lovely compositions, and it is great to get tips on playing them well from the composer herself!
— Amelia (North Carolina)
I enjoy taking lessons with Anne! I appreciate her melodic arrangements, and she places a new trick to learn in each piece. “Teachable moments” along with sweet musical “inner Anne” reminding you how to place and count. Anne inspires me to play my lesson perfect and relaxed. As an adult beginner, I really am glad to find her!
— Mona (Michigan)
I have the good fortune to have Anne Crosby Gaudet as my harp teacher. Anne is competent and creative with her approach to transferring her knowledge and skill to her students. The atmosphere is calm and the tone gentle. It is an excellent environment in a step by step process to learning the harp. I highly recommend Anne.
— Joan-Annette (Nova Scotia)
I recently completed my Harp for Healing and as part of my CEUs (Continuing Education Units), I chose to take some lessons with Anne. She’s such a great teacher and I am very comfortable with her teaching style. We spent a couple of lessons on techniques for improvisation using her lovely arrangement of Amazing Grace. I found her very encouraging and she has given me several wonderful constructive techniques to help me improvise more confidently. Recently, my lessons have focused on scales and how to make them more interesting; currently she is helping with my modes and adding structure as I play. Once again, Anne has been so encouraging; she is very adaptable and willing to assist me with what I am struggling with. I highly recommend her!
— Heather (British Columbia)
“As an adult learner, with little prior musical training, I have struggled for years to improve my harp playing. In 14 classes, Anne has changed me from a timid, hesitant harpist to one with confidence in her ability to stop hesitating between bars. She did this by focusing on my technique and timing and picking one of her musical arrangements that suited my present abilities. She continually praises each accomplishment, no matter how small. Anne’s passion for teaching shines in her eyes, is evident in her constant smile and enthusiasm during our conversations. I only wish I had found her sooner.”
— Marlene (Nova Scotia)
As an adult student, I appreciate Anne’s encouragement, patience and humour! She really listens, and uses word images and well-thought out “catch phrases” to help the student grasp a new idea or technique. I also like that when she can’t find suitable material, she just writes her own!
— Joanne (Nova Scotia)