20 Piece Challenge

A special packet of Rainbow Seeds was the prize for achieving the first 10 pieces from the 20 Piece Challenge.

A special packet of Rainbow Seeds was the prize for achieving the first 10 pieces from the 20 Piece Challenge.

Just after March Break I announced the 20 Piece Challenge to my younger students. Could they learn 20 pieces by the end of May?

Challenge accepted! 

Everyone made it to the 10 Piece Achievement level. Hooray!

The end of May arrived and nine students made it to the final 20! These students were invited to fill out a ballot for the grand prize draw. Watch the video below to find out what the grand prize was and who won!


Here are the nine successful challengers. Congratulations for the nice steady practicing that helped you achieve your goal!


Young Composers 2018

The Young Composers is a creative project that I have included in my studio curriculum since 1994. Each year we pick a theme and set aside several weeks for students to enjoy the opportunity to create their own music.

The Young Composers2018.jpg

Our theme for 2018 was called At the Beach.

At the Beach  was the theme for the Music Discoveries Studio 2018 Young Composers collection.

Students brought in their musical ideas, poems and titles and together we created, notated and videotaped over twenty original solos.

The student compositions are published in a beautiful coil bound book for students to have and enjoy for years to come.

Thank-you Ella, for doing a beautiful job with artwork for our cover! You'll find more student artwork in the Virtual Piano Recital video below. 

Once the hand written sketch of the music had been worked out, the students learned to use Finale PrintMusic to turn their handwritten notes into beautifully typeset notation.

During the last weeks of lessons we completed the final details on the scores, got composer photos and wrote autobiographies. The Young Composers Collection was ready for students to take home at the last lesson of the year. What a great accomplishment!

As a special bonus activity, we made a Virtual Piano Recital. Please enjoy watching and listening to the talented Young Composers.