Welcome to Music Discoveries

Music Discoveries Studio offers private music instruction for students who want to study the piano or harp. Anne Crosby Gaudet creates a cozy learning environment that encourages independence and creativity. Anne is a classical pianist, harp therapist, composer, independent publisher, adjudicator and music educator.

Thank you for fostering such a passion, independence and creativity.
— Piano parent

Piano Lessons

Learn more about registering your child for piano lessons at Music Discoveries. Anne has 25 years of experience teaching piano to children and offers insightful and creative piano lessons in her beautiful home-based studio.

Harp Lessons

Anne offers both in-person and online harp instruction for adult learners at the beginner to early intermediate level. She will help you develop your technique for greater ease and fluency and guide you with music that you love to play.

Thank you for believing in me, for being understanding when I have busy weeks at school, for taking an interest in what I am learning, for being nice but still pushing me to do better, for teaching me proper and efficient ways to practice and for making me a musical person.
— Piano student
You have a crazy amount of patience and awesome problem solving skills.
— Piano student